Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what's new

I'm sure that you have all been wondering, what have I been up to lately? HAHA. The whole idea of blogging still seems a little self-centered to me, but anyway, this past Tuesday I went for a job interview to teach English to adult learners as a second job at a center for continuing education. To my surprise, the interview was conducted in English, but the interviewer was clearly put-off by my age. She said that they if they hire me, they may have a class to give me in February or something, but that it certainly wouldn't be regular work.

Yesterday, a group of friends and I went to Sainte Suzanne, just past Sainte Marie on the northeast corner of the island to go to some beautiful waterfalls (incidentally they are called "Niagara Falls.") As it was Armasist Day, we had he day off, and I used this time to go to the market (I needed fresh fruits and veggies).

This weekend I will have a little excursion into the mountains to spend the night at a creole family's home - pretty exciting, right? I hope soon to make it to the university to look at their library (they have a special Indian Ocean collection) and to go to the "mediatheque" which is a huge library (which also has dvds, music) and get a membership.

a plus,


  1. Hi

    Great site.

    I am an English teacher too and lived in St Denis for while and would love to go back to teach. I miss the creole food and the samosas. Are there enough jobs for English teachers?



  2. Hi Seth,

    I'm a college senior and just found out that I was accepted to the Assistantship Program in La Reunion. I found your blog through a google search. Would you be willing to talk to me via email perhaps about your experience there? It would be really helpful for me to hear from someone on the ground already.


  3. Hi Seth,

    I'm doing some marketing research for a course I'm studying and wonder if you would be interested in answering a few questions for me. I can find some info on the internet, but am hampered by the fact that I don't speak or read French.


  4. hey seth,
    i'm currently looking for a job english in reunion . i'd appreciate any advice you may have .
    looking forward to hearing from you,

  5. HI seth,
    im looking a job that will fits my skills..i think this could be nice and really good for me.Thanks again.

  6. Dear Seth, great blog. Could I possibly ask for an email adress to contact you about your blog?



  7. So.... are you still there? What happened? Just doing random research online about Reunion Island. I'm living in France and wishing for better weather.... :-)

  8. Noticed this blog has went inactive. I would like to hear if you are still in Reunion Island or if you're back in the United States. I was reading about Reunion Island from the BBC website and was curious about your experiences living there.