Thursday, September 3, 2009

Video on Music/Diasporic History of Reunion

Check out this documentary that I found online about Reunionnais music/culture/history:

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.


Now that I have finished my summer job in Pennsylvania, finalized my senior thesis, and trudged through most of my grad school applications, I have finally started to seriously focus my mind on La Reunion. Today I went to the doctor to get a prescription for a typhoid shot and also a prescription for malaria pills that I may need if I travel to any of the neighboring islands.

I recently bought my plane tickets as well; I will be leaving from JFK on the 21st of Sept (plane leaves around 10pm), then fly into CDG in Paris the following morning. I will then wait in the airport for most of the day, and then leave Paris that night for a flight directly to Saint Denis, La Reunion. I will be arriving in Saint Denis around 10am on Sept. 23 (their time).

I have also received two additional job offers for while I am on the island; one involves teaching at a bilingual elementary school in Saint Denis. I just sent in my resume.

In other news, I need to start making headway on the packing front. This will surely be a time-consuming process.

I also got a new computer right after I finished my job in PA; about two weeks later it kicked the bucket. Yesterday I got another laptop, so I am in the process of "Reunionizing" the computer - changing time zones, downloading skype, etc.

That's all for now.

A bientot,