Thursday, September 3, 2009


Now that I have finished my summer job in Pennsylvania, finalized my senior thesis, and trudged through most of my grad school applications, I have finally started to seriously focus my mind on La Reunion. Today I went to the doctor to get a prescription for a typhoid shot and also a prescription for malaria pills that I may need if I travel to any of the neighboring islands.

I recently bought my plane tickets as well; I will be leaving from JFK on the 21st of Sept (plane leaves around 10pm), then fly into CDG in Paris the following morning. I will then wait in the airport for most of the day, and then leave Paris that night for a flight directly to Saint Denis, La Reunion. I will be arriving in Saint Denis around 10am on Sept. 23 (their time).

I have also received two additional job offers for while I am on the island; one involves teaching at a bilingual elementary school in Saint Denis. I just sent in my resume.

In other news, I need to start making headway on the packing front. This will surely be a time-consuming process.

I also got a new computer right after I finished my job in PA; about two weeks later it kicked the bucket. Yesterday I got another laptop, so I am in the process of "Reunionizing" the computer - changing time zones, downloading skype, etc.

That's all for now.

A bientot,



  1. hi Seth, I am Akua, an African American traveling woman :) and I found your blog because I am considering searching for possible teaching jobs on Reunion. First off, I want to applaud you on realizing how relevant teaching African American history and literature is. Sadly many teachers in the US fail to understand something as basic as that, so as a Social Worker with a focus in Race Dialogue, I am so happy that a recent graduate realizes how important that is. :) Anyway I would appreciate reading your blog once in a while and appreciate any tips. my blog is:

  2. Dear Akua,

    Thanks for reading my blog! I will be sure to take a look at yours as well - I would be very interested in discussing racial issues on Reunion and broader racial issues across the diaspora. I will be arriving in Saint Denis on the 23rd of Sept. and will let you know how it goes.